moneyamigo is the new revolutionary life and money solution
The top 10% of society has plenty of solutions and options available to them in the world of banking and services. Things tend to come easy for them and are readily available without much need for thought or research. For the remaining 90% of us regular, hardworking people, things can be a little more challenging. If you are anything like us, you just want a break – just one. Something where you don’t feel like you’ve been taken advantage of. Something that you know exactly what you signed up for. No hidden or unfair surprises. Maybe even a little extra savings in your pocket. We get it and are right there with you – especially when it comes to money and managing your financial life.

moneyamigo is based on two basic philosophies:

  • Whatever we do needs to be for the greater good of people (our friends like you)
  • No matter what areas of moneyamigo you touch, it needs to be fast, fair and friendly. The world is already hectic enough, isn’t it?

Empowerment, financial growth, confidence and even well-being do not automatically need to come with headaches and aggravation.

moneyamigo is hassle free and specifically designed that way. We want your hard-earned dollar to go further all while providing access to the things you need and deserve for a little peace of mind.

In today’s world of complicated healthcare solutions which are already unaffordable and get more expensive every year with more out of pocket costs, we provide access to dental, vision and prescription discounts and the ability to consult with an online doctor 24/7, anytime – and no co-pay or deductibles.

moneyamigo is designed for anyone
Millennials are just one group who are enjoying what we are all about.

moneyamigo is different on all levels:

  • not created by bankers

    moneyamigo is created by designers and innovators

  • a debit card with cash back!

    yep; a debit card with 1% cash back

  • 0% APR loans

    no interest. no loan fees. period.

  • health discounts & services

    access to dental, vision and Rx discounts & see an online doctor 24/7/365. no co-pay or deductible - ever

  • all in one place

    all money and life needs in one place; money management, health discounts and telemedicine

  • no banking attitude

    everyone is welcome. all are friends here

  • 100% mobile

    lives in your pocket. open 24/7/365

  • not a plastic relationship

    real metal card that one can be proud of

  • much more than money

    designed to give more time and life back to anyone needing it

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First Ever Life & Money Solution for 67+ Million Americans:
A metal debit-card with 1% cash back, 0% APR loans and unlimited access to online doctors

moneyamigo is a fintech company with the mission to give every user hundreds of dollars extra in their wallet each year - all based on their mission to bring life and money solutions that are fast, fair and friendly

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our innovator

A classically trained architect who never actually built a house, but ended up building the most innovative and desirable financial solutions craved by the marketplace.

Our founder & CEO, Kim Norland, was born in Sweden to Danish parents, lived in 11 countries, speaks 7 languages and has seen every part of the earth. Trained as a designer and architect Kim studied design, architecture and management at The Royal Danish Design School, Parsons School of Design & Rhode Island School of Design. A passion for user experience and perception he founded design:success, a global innovation firm, specialized in creating proven innovations for the world’s Fortune500 companies like Lego, Nike, Coca-Cola, Chanel, FritoLay, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi and many more. Mega innovations span across 26 industries and generated billions in sales.

Working around the world and seeing first-hand how simple respect to people required no translation, Kim formulated what became the essence of moneyamigo – fair and friendly.

moneyamigo is a whole new way of managing life and money – they way the user wants it – all while saving money without hassle and attitude.
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the amigo team

The Amigo team comprise of amazing individuals with and without payments background. Spanning across 2 continents, several languages and multiple time zones, the team embodies multidisciplinary in its fullest context. We are not an old bank but a cutting-edge talented team reflecting in the way we create, operate and support our life and money management innovations.

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