getting started

What do I need to get started?

Let’s be amigos! After you download our app, to become an amigo and sign up for an account you will only need a valid US driver license or a US
passport, your social security number, your mobile number and an email address. That’s it! It takes less than 3 minutes to do!

Get the moneyamigo app here: <link to google play> <link to apple store> or just send us a text to 91099 and we’ll send you the link.

What is the difference between moneyamigo Basic and moneyamigo X?

moneyamigo basic is a $0 fee account that doesn’t require any minimum balances or minimum deposits and you get a free Visa debit card which you
can use anywhere Visa is accepted (once you load money onto it, of course)

Our moneyamigo X account is a membership program which costs $9.99 a month and gives you access to amazing benets and services! Just like the
basic account, it doesn’t require a minimum balance or a minimum deposit but you get so much! You get a real metal Visa debit card, 1% cash back
on qualied purchases (no cap), access to health discounts, shopping discounts, , legal advice discounts, ID protection and unlimited telemedicine.
Plus, you get access to amigo zero our $100 loan with no interest and no loan fees. Keep an eye out – we’re going to be adding a bunch of new
benets shortly!

Is MoneyAmigo a credit card?

Nope! moneyamigo is a prepaid visa debit card that works like any other traditional bank debit card but with way more benets. We will never run or
check your credit to become an amigo. And best of all – you can’t fall into the “credit trap” and gt into nancial trouble with those high interest rate
credit cards!

Do I need a smartphone to use MoneyAmigo?

Do other cells phones besides smart exist nowadays? Yes, our moneyamigo program is completely mobile and lives in your pocket. To sign up you will
need a smartphone to download the app

Get the moneyamigo app here: <link to google play> <link to apple store> or just send us a text to 91099 and we’ll send you the link.

Where can I download the MoneyAmigo app?

Where do all APPs live? In the APP store, of course! You can download the APP in the Apple APP store or the Android store. Just look for
moneyamigo to click and download.

Get the moneyamigo app here: <link to google play> <link to apple store> or just send us a text to 91099 and we’ll send you the link.

How long will it take to get my card in the mail?

We’d be eager to get our card too, especially that real metal debit card! After you create a moneyamigo basic or X account, it typically takes 7-10
business days to receive your card in the mail (sometimes faster). Keep in mind, we can’t change set holidays and when the Post Ofce is open, so if
you create a card close to or on a holiday it may add on an extra day or so.


How do I activate my card?

There’s a BIG activation sticker on the card when you get it in the mail with the phone number to call or we’ll make it easy and give it to you here
1-844-moneyamigo (1-844-666-3926)

Can I get a card for my family members?

Your family is our family! You can get up to 3 additional family cards for family members in your household to use anytime. They can even use it while
traveling out of the country. All you need is their full name, birthday and phone number. You can sign them up right on your moneyamigo app in less
than a minute! Order one (or two, or three) today for a low cost of $5.00 per card.
What fees will I be charged?
We said no hidden fees and that’s what we stick to! You can check out the fees from this link here. (link to fee schedule)

How do I load money onto my MoneyAmigo card?

Loading money can’t be any easier! The easiest way would be direct deposit, you can request it straight through your phone and sent to your
employer. Or you can use the other options we provide: western union, Green Dot money pak (available at most grocery stores, CVS, etc), or ingo
check deposit (www.ingomoney.com).

How much money can I put on my card or transfer?

It’s your money and you can put up to $10,000 in each account and transfer a maximum of $1,000 a day to other amigos.
Can I have all or some of pay check put onto my card?
It’s up to you, amigo! We’ve made it super easy for you to choose how much you want to deposit into your moneyamigo account. You can complete
the form for your employer’s payroll department right on your app and when you’re done, a pdf le will be emailed to you which you can forward right
over to your employer. Easy!

Can I remote deposit a check?

You sure can amigo! You can use ingo money to easily deposit a check to your moneyamigo account. It only takes a couple minutes to set up an
account there and from that point on, you can deposit checks through your smartphone right onto your moneyamigo card! To get started, head over
to www.ingomoney.com.

Will I receive text alerts?

Just like any other real amigo we’ll drop a text or two on you! You’ll receive alerts for things like deposits, upcoming promotions and amigo news. Just
remember to opt in when you sign up to receive In app and TXT message notications.

Can I give a MoneyAmigo card as a gift card?

As much as we would like to be wrapped in a bow and given as a gift, unfortunately each moneyamigo member will have to sign up for their own
card. If you have someone in mind, refer them over to us for a new moneyamigo account and we’ll put $5 into your account as a thanks! If you were
thinking of someone in your household, you can give up to three members a family card.

Where can I look to see my balance and transaction history?

Everything you need is right in the app! You can see your balance on your home screen in your app, if you think you spent too much on “one” of
those nights out you can see your transaction history by going to my $ on the home screen. OH, we’ve all been there.
Where can I use my MoneyAmigo card?
Anywhere Visa cards are accepted! In store, online, ATM’s! You can even use it internationally when you’re traveling. We’re going with you everywhere

Can I get cash from an ATM?

You sure can amigo! There is a fee to withdraw from an ATM so make sure you check out what it is on our fee schedule. (fee link schedule here).

We belong to the MoneyPass ATM network which is a surcharge-free system. Be sure to check if there is an ATM nearby.
www.moneypass.com/atm-locator.html. (Just keep in mind that even though we don’t charge a withdrawal fee from these ATMs, the actual owners of
the ATM may…unfortunately that is something completely out of our control).

Can I use my card to pay bills?

The responsible amigo! Yes, you can! You can use your moneyamgio card / account to pay any bill you like as long as the merchant accepts cards for
payment. You can even set it up with your biller as a recurring card to charge so you don’t have to worry about it every month.

Can I upgrade from MoneyAmigo Basic to X?

Yes, you can! It’s pretty simple to move to from a moneyamigo basic account to an X account. You just go to the upgrade icon on the home screen in
your amigo basic app and select upgrade! Expect that real metal debit card in the mail in 7-10 business days. You are going to love the benets!

Does my MoneyAmigo card get reported to the credit bureaus?

We never do credit checks for signing up and we do not report to the credit bureaus. moneyamigo’s program is made to help you manage your
money and life in the simplest way possible.

Can I use my MoneyAmigo card internationally?

If you’re traveling internationally we’re going with you! Book us a ticket too! Yes, you can use your moneyamigo card internationally just like any other
debit card.

Can I use my MoneyAmigo card on-line?

Of course, you can amigo! If you’re a moneyamigo X member you really want to make sure you use your card for online purchases because you get
1% cash back! Cash back for buying online, that’s a win-win for you!

What happens if I accidentally overdraft my account?

If you overdraft your account, all you’ll need to do is deposit money into your account to bring it back to a positive. There are no overdraft fees but
you want to make sure you stay in good standing to maintain all the benets you’ve accumulated (you worked so hard to get them – you don’t want to
lose them, right?) and to qualify for our unique amigo zero 0% APR loan program.

Can I send money to another MoneyAmigo account holder?

You sure can! You’re a good friend! All you need to do is go to the ‘$ out’ icon on your home screen to add or select your amigo you’d like to send
money to.


Does MoneyAmigo run a credit check on me?

Nope!! We know how important it is to keep your credit intact so you’ll never have to worry about moneyamigo running your credit amigo. We do not
require a credit check for any of our programs – we trust you!

What do I do if I lose my card or it’s stolen?

Don’t stress! We’ve all been there so we’ve made it easy for you to cancel and order a new card straight through the app. Just go to the ‘my card’ icon
and tap lost or stolen card, select the card you’d like to report and a new card will sent to you in 5-10 business days. Or if you like you can always call
one of our friendly moneyamigo service members at 1844-moneyamigo (1-844-666-3926) to help you.

What do I do if I forget my PIN?

Hey, 4 numbers can be hard to keep track of sometimes. So, if you forget your 4-digit PIN, all you’ll need to do is call one of our friendly moneyamigo
service members at 1844-moneyamigo (1-844-666-3926) to help you.

Can I change my PIN?

You sure can, amigo! Unfortunately, you can’t change your PIN in the app right now (we’re working on it!) But if you call 1844-moneyamigo
(1-844-666-3926) and select the option to change your PIN, just follow the steps and poof, a new PIN.

My phone is dead – now what?

You’re still able to use your card even if your phone is dead or ofine. Since we ‘re completely mobile you’ll have to charge your phone in order to see
your balances, transactions, send money or use any other X member benets in the app. Or you can always call us at 1844-moneyamigo
(1-844-666-3926) to check your balances or transactions.

My card is expiring – what should I do?

You don’t have to worry about anything, amigo! We got you! We’ll automatically send you a card a few days before your current card will expire.

moneyamigox features

How does the 1% cash back benefit work?

If you’re a moneyamigo X member you automatically get 1% cash back when you use your metal debit card. You get 1% cash back on all eligible
purchases, which are signature purchases (this means purchases where you have to sign when paying) and online purchases.

You get half of 1% back every month and the other half of 1% on moneyamigo day which is March 1st! Please read the Terms of Use <link to terms of
use page> which gives all the details about how the program works.

What is the AmigoZero loan benefit?

It’s one of a kind that’s what it is!! All moneyamigo X members can qualify to borrow $100 for 0% APR and no loan fees! Who else does that for their
amigos? Only moneyamigo! Please read the Terms of Use <link to terms of use page> which gives all the details about how the program works and
how to qualify (it’s easier than you think!).

How does the location-based discount feature work?

It’s a pretty cool feature for moneyamigo X members! When you sign up for moneyamigo the app asks you for your information including your
address and zip code. This becomes your home location for your shopping discounts. From time to time, you will get a notication on your phone
that a discount is available at a store, restaurant, movie theater, hardware store, etc right nearby. If you’re taking us on a trip, you can change your
location to wherever you are currently for discounts in the area. Take advantage of the discounts! You could save hundreds of dollars by using your
moneyamigo card. We’re here to give you more for your buck.

other cool features

Can I make money by referring friends to MoneyAmigo?

You must be pretty cool if you’re our amigo so we want your amigos to be part of the family too! If you refer an amigo to sign up for either a basic or X
account you’ll get $5! There is no limit to how many amigos you can refer. And you can tell your amigos that there’s a benet for them too: if your
amigo signs up for a moneyamigo X account they get $10! See terms and conditions (link to T&C) which explains how our referral program works.