about us

we believe managing your life and money should be
fast. fair. friendly.

so we created

  • easy money management

  • 1% cash back on things you buy

  • borrow $100 with 0% APR

  • always mobile

  • 100% safe & secure

  • always on your side

  • no hidden fees

  • speaks your language

  • health discounts

Designed to empower everyone, make them grow, and make (their) (a) hard-earned dollar go further without hassle and headaches.

moneyamigo step one - launched April 2018: a mobile first life management platform to manage money your way: The first metal debit card that gives 1% cashback, 0% APR loans and access to discounted health and identify protection services. And much more.

Step two – launched May 2018: White label and platform solutions for companies to easily include with their products or as brand and software platform; national and international.

Already an award-winning solution, the revolution has just begun. moneyamigo is a vision and movement on which we innovate new life products, services and solutions.

Or passion drives this vision – and we welcome anyone to join.

If you are already an amigo we want to thank you – if you are not yet we would like to personally invite you.
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